The Future of Optimism Governance
A Pocket Guide to DAOΒ Frameworks
Governance Education Sessions
The Educator’s Guide to Web3 for Absolute Beginners
Beyond DAOs: Design Decisions for Internet Organizations
Community Building in DAOs
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Quadratic Funding = Wisdom of the Crowds
2023: The Year of the Networked DAO
No Hype NFTs
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The Handbook of Handbooks for Decentralised Organising
DAOs won’t win until they conquer the 3Β C’s
Treasury Management
DAOs aren’t Pyramids, they’reΒ Oceans
The Pragmatists Guide to DAOing aka Reasonable ways to Govern aΒ DAO
DAOs are not corporations: where decentraliz
Principles for a more fair internet w/ Li Jin
24 top resources to get up to speed (for free
The Problems of DAO Governance: GLF22 Survey Results
Episode #3 - DAOs are throwing away decades of startup wisdom. But why? - with Dmitry Lapidus of Dragonfly Capital
Why and How weΒ SubDAO
Governance is about action, notΒ decision-making
Constitutions of web3
What is Quadratic Funding and how does it change how we fund public goods?
Proposal Inverte
Darkside of the DAO
INFOGRAPHIC: Five ways DAOs will revolutionize social impact
After Crypto
How Decentralized Organizations Win (AndΒ Lose)
Scale and the levers that provide DAOs theirΒ power.
DAOs aren’t things…they are flows
Crypto Philanthropy
Early 2022 Survey of Metagovernance
Business Governance Fit
The Challenges of Community and Culture in DAOs
DAOs as novelty search engines
How to set up on-chain governance
Decentralization for Web3 Builders: Principles, Models, How
Service DAOs - Landscape, Challenges, and Solutions
Token Compensation for web3 Startups
gm DAO Governance Process
take back the future! the progressive case for techno-optimism
From v0 to v1: RabbitHole Metagovernance Pod Learnings
Gravity DAO & Conflict
Pods: The DAOnfall of Token Voting
The Eightfold Path to DAOism
Web 3 Grants
Index - Governance House
who is going to write the substack post about different approaches to decentralized production?
The Future Looks Optimistic: A New Primitive for Grants and Rewards
Tokenized Communities
Charity DAOs | State of the DAOs
KPI Sub-DAO Structure
Index 2.0 | Leadership, Governance and Decision Making (Pods, Nest and Wise Owls)
Exploring DAO2DAO Collaboration Mechanisms
Tracking the Rise of Interest Representation in Uniswap Governance
Model for Governance & Tokens
The Governance Library
Intro the Altruverse
White Paper: Opportunities at the Intersection of Web3 and Social Change
DAO Governance: Challenges, Ideas and Tool
A beginner’s guide to DAOs β€” Linda Xie
Letter 23: A Guide to Discord - Letters from a Zeneca_33
Web3 β€” Solving trust issues using math
Climate Change x Crypto Directory
10 tools for systems change to a zero carbon world
Blockchain 101: The Simplest Guide You Will Ever Read
DAOs & Creators: Resources to Get Started Today
"What should I do?" How to figure out making the jump to working for a DAO.
How Crypto will Change the World (or Not) - Johnny Harris
Crypto Token Types: The Ultimate Guide
Blockchain, explained: what’s a block, what’s a chain, and the tech behind crypto
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DAO Resource list by Crypto, Culture & Society
The Essential Guide to Discord
Web3 x Social Impact Examples (Curated by Future Foundation)
9 Twitter lists for different types of DAOS - curated by @guildxyz
Web3 Starter Pack
Web3: in a nutshell β€” Mirror
What the hell is Web3? Here’s an explanation, in plain English.
Getting to enough - Cascade Institute
Drivers of sustainability transformations: leverage points, contexts and conjunctures
Radicle Civics – Unconstituting Society
Systems Change & Deep Equity: Pathways Toward Sustainable Impact, Beyond "Eureka!," Unawareness & Unwitting Harm
The Power to Shift a System β€” The System Innovation Initiative
The Metaphysics of Indigenous Ownership: Why Indigenous Ownership is Incomparable to Western Conceptions of Property Value
What Would a Mutual Aid DAO Look Like?
Inter-Systemic Cascades
Will we own anything in the far future?
How Do Trees Talk With Each Other? (Mycorrhizal Network Explained)
Better Living Through Networks
Creating Intentional Futures. Three Horizons and Challenge Mapping
Blackness, Liberation, and Web3 by Cult Leader En
Crypto, climate, and the foundations of a regenerative economy
SuperBenefit Governance Research
Holacracy Constitution Version 5.0
PoolTogether Research Report: Vibes, Labor, Constituencies
5 Strategies for Combining Equity with Sociocracy - NetworkWeaver
Odyssey DAO - Your Odyssey Awaits
Crypto, Culture, & Society
Resources (curated by DAO Masters)
DAO Central – Find and learn about DAOs
Deep DAO - Insights for a Decentralized World
daodir: a directory of DAOs
Top DAO Blockchain Projects - Best Apps, Protocols and Solutions
DAO Tool Observatory
Wtf is web3?
The Future of Work - Bankless
Forming a DAO in an Evolving Web2/Web3 World
Building an Inclusive World of Crypto
Integrating impact in DAOs
30 questions for builders to consider as they design the Member Experience for their DAOs
The Dao of DAOs - Not Boring by Packy McCormick
Decentralised Tech & the Future of Organising
Blockchain for Social Impact: Moving Beyond The Hype
How to turn your friends and family on to crypto, NFTs, and web3β€”without overwhelming them
How We Built Our DAO's Reputation System
Economic opportunities for our avatars: Social Mobility in the Digital Age
The Crypto Syllabus
Finder Cryptocurrency Adoption Index
NFTs, Explained - Johnny Harris
Co-ownership as a web3 social primitive
The Defiant's Definitive Guide to DeFi
How the blockchain will radically transform the economy - Bettina Warburg - TED
The importance of DAO governance, krause house, & a premortem on DAOs with Michael Lewkowitz by Armada DAO
Crypto Startup School
My New Callingβ€Š: Working in and writing about DAOs and Web3
DAOs: Communities of the Future. Some thoughts on community evolution
DAO Structure Options
A Prehistory of DAOs
Internet of Impact - Karl H Richter
Conceptualising a social business blockchain: The coexistence of social and economic logics
Introduction to web3, Crypto & DeFi
A beginner's guide to NFTs – Linda Xie
DeFi (Decentralized Finance) Definition and Why it Mat
Introduction to smart contracts –
Turing-Complete Governance
DEFI: The Future Of Finance Explained - Finematics
DAOs: Absorbing the Internet
13 Ways of Looking at a DAO
Web3 climate projects, platforms, and creators
What is an NFT? Wait, what? Isn't this easy? I am not so sure. Let's take a look!
CleanNFT - Cleannft, Art Cryptocurrency, Crypto Art
What is Web3? The Decentralized Internet of the Future Explained
Internet of Impact
Explainers from Finematics
The Web 3.0 Revolution