Email outreach template

Subject: I think you’ll find this interesting

[Please personalize an introduction]

I’ve become involved with a community called SuperBenefit. We’re a decentralized team who are focused on accelerating the arrival of a better future. We’re getting ready to launch to the world on February 22, 2022, and I thought you might want to hear about what we’re up to, and possibly even get involved.

You may have heard something about Blockchain and Web3 in the news lately. When you peer behind the headlines, you can see that the foundations of the internet are changing, bringing a rare opportunity to make exponential change. This is a chance to shape the core level technologies and cultures that our next societal infrastructure will be built upon. Think about how much the internet changed what we do. This could be another change at that level.

SuperBenefit's purpose is to embed universal abundance and equity into our deepest infrastructure systems, and to accelerate the arrival of a better future. We’re launching our Theory of Change, which is a description of how we’re proposing to go about achieving our goal.

When it launches on February 22, I invite you to read our “Hello World” post, and if it strikes a chord, to join me and to get involved. There are at least 3 ways you can contribute:

1 - Read and share the Hello World post

2 - Take us up on one of the 6 invitations by joining our Discord and join a squad. You can do that here.

3 - Purchase an NFT to contribute to our crowdfund. In exchange for your contribution you'll receive a limited edition artwork by the Brazilian phenom Roberlan Paresqui, and an allocation of $SPRB, SuperBenefit's fixed supply governance token.