DAO Primitive Project

The DAO primitive project has been working in collaboration with All in for Sport to develop and implement governance for AIFS as it evolves out of its starting community of contributors. This partnership brings together the work that we have been doing over the past year on DAOs as fractal centerless networks, into a practical real-world project that has potential for huge scale and positive transformation.

We have spun up an AIFS governance team and are currently developing:

  • Governance documentation and governance state
  • Early community badging/access control
  • Community proposal development and voting
  • DAO CELLS as operating primitives

DM @Rowan on Discord with any questions.

Older updates

The DAO Primitive project has been building out their approach and there are some use cases that are testing the DAO cell model in their projects including Proposal SBP11: DAO Systems Transformation Repository/Library.

The exploration of tooling to support the DAO cell model and a deeper dive on code of conduct/conflict management primitives have been in progress.

The DAO Primitive project team has a weekly meet-up on Tuesdays at 5:30pm EST in the #cafe voice channel in Discord. All are welcome.